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Panbury’s pies are a great addition to all types of businesses big and small. We work with bars, delis, cafes, and restaurants to bring comfort and joy to their customers in the form of delicious, handmade, all-natural pies.

If you would like to inquire about a dropship or wholesale relationship with Panbury’s we would love to hear from you! Call us at (404)500-1279 or fill in the contact form below.

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The Perks

No chef required

Low waste and excellent shelf life

Only a basic kitchen needed

What we can provide

Full pie menu

Seasonal Specials

Branded menus & signage

Equipment (warming case, point of sale)

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Photo of Panbury's prep - egg-washing pies

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Delivery solutions

Marketing & promotion


Why sell Panbury's

Consistent quality & trust

Panbury’s is serious about the health and well being of our customers. We run a USDA & FDA certified and regulated production facility and adhere to the highest standards ensuring that our products are healthy and safe.

It’s easy as pie

Creating unique and consistent gourmet food offerings while keeping up with food trends is labor-intensive, expensive, and difficult to manage. Allow us to do that for you so you can focus on what you do best. Our pies are so versatile and diverse in flavor that they make a wonderful addition to a variety of menus and pair well with just about any concept, which is why our pies can be found in bars, gourmet grocery stores, and cafes.

Support small local business

Panbury’s is a family run business. We truly care about our customers, our community, and the success of small businesses in America.